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Random Notes

Everybody will die, whether they smoke or not

Randy M. Trendy (Anag.)
24 June
New readers start here: the userpic isn't me. It is in fact the model appearing on Britain's first computer brochure. Having produced a fair bit of print for high-tech launches, I suspect our man is also the hard-pressed marcoms guy. I'm certain there's nothing to see on whatever it is he's looking at. But unlike me, at least he didn't reprogram any EPROMs by using flash photography.

Yours truly's a 55 year old white married male, obliged to pseudonymity as my real name is lent to a commercial entity. Posts most likely centre on:

Frank Zappa – in 1966 I heard the Mothers Of Invention's first single It Can't Happen Here, thanks to a friend who claimed to have stolen it. Despite death, FZ has been my constant musical companion since then. Music is the best.

Airshows – teenage thrills at Biggin Hill, but when I became mature and responsible it was pointed out that airshows were hot, noisy, smelly, crowded, dirty, scary, dangerous, and expensive, and so I stopped going. Later I was blessed with a daughter in the Air Training Corps. The rôle of airshows in parenting, and vice versa.

Nevil Shute – his books usually have aircraft on the cover, was the first thing I noticed. Like most of his admirers I knew no-one else who liked them, until the Internet came along.

Motorbike – started riding in 1997 when construction of the West Quay Shopping Centre turned my previously relaxed commute into traffic hell. Progressed from a 600 to a 900 to a 1300cc bike and joined the IAM.

WERK - as well as a hard-pressed marcoms guy I am a Unix sysadmin and Perl hacker from way back, and so when the Internet came along I became a CGI programmer. I also support a dozen Win/Mac lusers and co-direct the aforementioned commercial entity.

Being newsletter editor and webmaster for the bike club also counts as WERK, most of the time.